Only the best exotic fruits from around the world. Ethically Sourced from small farms Right to you. Bon App├ętit.

the finest specialty produce

Loquats, Green Plums, Pistachios, Sour Cherries, and more!


The finest loquats in the market!
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Green Plums

Perfect green plums, fresh and sour!
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Sour Cherries

Nice and juicy for any pie or as a snack!
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Dedicated to Quality and Fair Trade

With over 25 years in the business, we have based our reputation on the upstanding quality of our products, competitive pricing and flexibility, and the relationships we build as businesses. It is our enduring commitment to ethically source the finest fruits and vegetables from sustainable farms around the world.

Our Difference

We are a small, family-owned business that cares

Ethically Sourced

We make it our mission to source products from small farms and co-ops.

Excellent Quality

Our fruits and vegetables must meet high quality standards before acceptance.

Competitive Pricing

We price our products in ways that make sense for our diverse customer base.

Trade Experience

We are highly rated in the Blue Book and have many satisfied clients.

Flexible Payments

We offer short or long-term payment planning options.

Mom and Pop

As a family run operation we take our customer concerns personally.

Soueidan Market Inc.

Importers and Wholesale Distributors of the finest specialty produce

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